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The Dutch Rolleiflexclub.nl is intended for avid users of Rolleiflex photocameras.

The Club is entirely independent, is of a non-commercial nature and is not in any way connected to Rollei GmbH or Franke & Heidecke.  

The club's membership is free of charge. The Rolleiflexclub will be biased initially towards the internet. However, the emphasis will always be on actually shooting pictures and on offering support for you to improve your skills. Only members are allowed to post messages on the Forum and are given the opportunity to upload pictures to the Image Gallery. More Club outings, more meetings, and workshops are also on our wishlist. 

Because the rolleiflexclub.nl is of Dutch origine, Dutch is the only language permitted on the Forum. However, in the Gallery, messages in French, German or English are permitted to a limited extent. Foreign members can also introduce themselves to the other members on the Forum in the above mentioned languages. Let us know via info2ATrolleiflexclubDOTnl that you have submitted your introductional post. The administrator will see to it that your introduction in French, German or English will be translated to Dutch. This translation will be posted below your original message on the Forum.

Apply for a membership via info2ATrolleiflexclubDOTnl 

 Kind regards,

 Paul Jenner


Most recently uploaded picture in the Gallery: Han - Landschaftspark Duisburg
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